1st NOTICE Identity Defense™

1st Notice Identity Defense™ was established by 1st Notice and Experian to provide a continuous source of revenues for the causes and organizations that do so much for us, our youth, communities and the nation.

Everyone, from infancy to 1121 should have Identity Defense™ and Cyber Guard’s features, technology and service are second to none, for less. Nonprofits automatically earn 1/3 of all Cyber Guard Identity Defense™ package sales, month after month, year after year.

Participating nonprofits also receive a 1st Notice Optimum Connect Fail Safe package at no cost.

ORGANIZATIONS: Sell once, earn continuously

  1. Check our database to claim or add the cause or nonprofit.

  2. Promote Cyber Guard Identity Defense™ and share the link with your constituents.

  3. Track sales, every cent, every step, from a secure, real time dashboard.

  4. Setup payment preference.

  5. Take advantage of Optimum Connect package at no cost.



1Documented victims of identity crime range from four months to 112 years old.

2You may easily change the organization that receives your donation at any time from your 1stNotice One Connect dashboard.

1stNotice Identity Defense™ ( is an independent not-for-profit entity and 1stNotice Partner.